Pain relief

CRYO T-SHOCK is an innovative medical device that, thanks to the cryogenic and thermogenic components that can be used individually or in rapid succession, it is able in a few minutes to stimulate the natural process of pain reduction and activate the anti-inflammatory processes.

The immediate effect of cooling the skin and analgesia lasts for around five minutes, the release of endorphins can have a lasting effect that gives the person a natural high and burst of energy. Where pervious pains and signs of inflammation, as found in blood tests, remain suppressed for weeks to come.

The relief from pain and inflammation can both be seen and felt immediately. The more treatments you have the longer the results can be seen as the body starts to create the pattern of delivering the healing elements and the lymphatic system drains away the damaged tissues and inflammation

Hot and Cold represent in the Physiotherapy field the most important and widespread instrumental answers for pain relief and inflammation treatment. CRYO T-SHOCK, and the coupling of the two sources (cryogenic and hyperthermia), is proposed as the right and successful answer for a global approach to a wide spectrum in the pathologies of physiotherapy, orthopedics, sports, starting from the possibility of treating pathologies in:

– acute phases

– pseudo-acute

– chronic type.



– Manually made from the operator

– Feedback of energy setting as a function of the target temperature

– Use of therapeutic temperatures

– Therapeutic adjusting for each patient and for each disease

– Local system by manual hand-piece

– Combined and sequential use of the two components (cold and hot) take advantage of the benefits of using heat even in the immediate post-trauma, or acute, without risking exacerbation of pain

– Excellent adjuvant in the recovery of the ROM

– Resolutive in all local muscular pathologies



Back pain


Therapeutic treatment with cold often proves the best therapy of first intervention in the event of trauma. However, for its multiple benefits in physiotherapy is also used for numerous other applications. The innovative HC CRYO T-SHOCK provokes the following main effects:

– analgesic effect

– anti-inflammatory effect

– a temporary anesthesia of the part subjected to the treatment.

Cold can be applied also in the period that follows a surgical operation. Cryotherapy can bring benefits also to those chronic processes with high tendency to flare-up, such as arthritis, degenerative joint diseases and tendonitis. Cryotherapy, in these cases, can effectively be alternated with thermotherapy while normal venous circulation is compromised, as during the sub-acute or chronic phase of some traumatic and inflammatory conditions. Alternate applications of heat and cold (shock-thermal), producing vasodilatation and, respectively vasoconstriction, determine an increase in blood flow in the treated part. Pain relief occurs almost immediately (afterwards about half a minute) and offers the majority of patients a freedom from immediate and rather lasting pain.
Furthermore, functional improvement of joints and general well-being could come very fast.
Increased mobility and freedom from pain after cryotherapy can be used above all to do gymnastic exercises rehabilitation, in particular stretching.

The controlled dynamic thermal shock is a form of energy of proven biological efficacy, administered and subtracted in controlled mode and combined for one rapid pain resolution and complete functional recovery. Controlled combination of vasodilatation and vasoconstriction selectively induced in tissues, allows you to make the most of the strongest effects of locally imposed thermal changes.
The thermal shock is effective in the early stages of rehabilitation for the rapid resolution of pain, reduction swelling, improves joint mobility.

Thanks to strong temperature exchanges, microcirculation and connective tissue could be stimulated.

Hyperthermic heating cycles followed by a resting phase stimulate the opening – closing of small vessels of the circle, optimizing revascularization. Suitable for strong areas structural component (such as capsules, more joints