CRYO T-SHOCK is a revolutionary device, awarded at Gicare Exhibition in Paris, as well as for the technological and therapeutic innovations introduced in the field of Rehabilitation and Aesthetic Medicine. In only one product, without using gas, ice or other substances dispersed in the environment, CRYO T-SHOCK offers the cryogenic and thermal performances individually or alternately apply, to create thermal shocks from cold and warm provoking therapeutic benefits that the only application of cold cannot provoke.

An innovative device for a successful treatment

With CRYO T-SHOCK, PAGANI is introducing an innovative and effective approach, offering many and interesting opportunities, in a “total Green" product, GAS free, without ice, compressor, or substances dispersed in the environment.
In the Physiotherapy field, CRYO T-SHOCK proves to be much more versatile than tecar therapy, often more effective in pain relief and in the reduction of inflammation, certainly more suitable into the acute phases and objectively with few contraindications and side effects.

In Aesthetics, where on one side you have “fashionable" cryo-chambers or cryo-sauna, generally expensive and big size devices, without specific and demonstrated therapeutic indications and offered for the “general well-being", on the other side the various cryo or cryo-vacuum, generally made in China, CRYO T-SHOCK is an high quality product, made in Italy, quite cheaper and granting almost prompt results, both in the treatment of body and in the face-lifts.


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